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Youth Art Month

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Field Trips, Hall of Fame

It’s almost Youth Art Month at the Grace Museum in Abilene again, which means the best work from local art programs will be pouring in to be in a special event that will showcase the work of young artists. 

Colorado High School will be represented by eleven worthy students as their works have been submitted for the show.  Congratulations Alesia, Alexis, Alexa, Amanda, Ricky, Israel, Joseph, Marisela, NIkki, Chloe, and Payton!

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 The Youth Art Month exhibit will open March 1st – there will be a special gallery event opening that evening, and the work will hang on display for the entire month of March.  Visit The Grace Museum’s website here.


My Electronic Media classes learned how to use the Lasso Tool and the Drop Shadow effect to create these magazine covers.  Here are the creations we voted

Most Realistic

First place:

Felix, Third Period

Second Place:

Amanda, Third Period

Most Creative

Tie for First and Second Place

 Cassandra, Third Period

Ashli, Third Period

At the beginning of the year, our Art I and II classes learned the contour line drawing technique and by the second week of school, they were practicing this technique by drawing their shoes.  Here are the Hall of Famers:

counterclockwise from top left

Draven (1st Period), Cody and AJ (7th Period)

Omar, Cason, Mari (7th Period)

Our Electronic Media students have now mastered the Color Splash technique in Photoshop.  These images were voted into the Color Splash “Hall of Fame”.

Christian, 5th Period

Emily, 5th Period

Yari, 5th Period

Mike, 5th Period

Ashli, 3rd Period

Felix, 3rd Period

Amanda, 3rd period