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Art II Mobiles

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Our Art II students had the assignment of creating a mobile however they wanted – but they must create a framework from cardboard first.  Some opted to use a type of papier mache, some opted for an all-cardboard construction, some got creative with paper and recycled materials.  I love how different each one turned out.


Behold, the creations of this year’s electronic media students.  These classes were challenged with creating a new, unique beverage product and designing a label for its bottle.  The label was judged and graded based on professionalism, originality, and having certain characteristics like nutritional information, a bar code, and a contest and/or product information.  The following projects really stood out as great examples.




The students in my advanced classes have been making stage props to use at this year’s “Howl Night”, which is a showcase evening of our students’ many talents.  The theme is “Jungle” something and so we’ve been making these things…

Drawing David Greenfield

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Art I, Uncategorized

During the TAKS benchmarking week (while we had all started on our linocuts) the students in my afternoon and early morning classes participated in this activity.  I completely stole this idea from this art blog, and I thought it would be a fun, easy project for the kids to do so as not to get ahead of the other classes AND an easy way for me to pre-assess where every one was at regarding the proportions of the human face.

I googled a “normal, big, business portrait” (or something like that) and found David Greenfield.

The students were instructed to draw him any way they wanted, and this is what we came up with.