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Before Spring Break, each art class period learned about four different artists and then chose an artist of whom to create a GIANT portrait.  First period chose Pablo Picasso, second was Andy Warhol, and sixth picked Frida Kahlo.  (Poor Salvador Dali felt no love this semester.)  In the class periods, each student was given 4-6 ‘squares’ of the portrait to recreate with chalk and charcoal.  The result was a portrait taller than seven feet that exhibited the artistic styles of the whole class while simultaneously representing a singular artist.  I think Picasso would have been proud, don’t you?


Pablo Picasso as drawn by first period.


Andy Warhol as created by second period.


Frida Kahlo, represented by the artists in sixth period and also the winner of the teacher’s vote for Best Portrait.

Congratulations Art I and II students!